LANDSCAPING PROJECT: A Redhill driveway fit for the whole family

We love a transformation, and this project was certainly that! In this Redhill property, we cleared an overgrown, hard-to-manage, traditional front garden and designed a handsome frontage of a practical driveway planted with pretty shrubs and trees.

Facts & Figures:

Who lives here? Toni and Ian, their two daughters and their dog

Location: Redhill, Surrey

Garden dimensions: Approx. 150 sqm

Maintenance advice: Small trees, Softwood gates, Indian Sandstone

Why we loved this project: This project made such a difference to the family, as they are now able to drive in, park, and exit without needing other members of the household to move their cars. Imagine the time and hassle that alone will save! Not only did we make the space more practical, but it looks stunning too. An example of how garden design can change the use, as well as the look, of a space.

The Clients:

Toni and Ian had lived in their family home for a number of years, but had never quite got to grips with the front of the house. Whilst the mature garden gave a lot of privacy, it made the inside of the house dark, and was overgrown. This was stressful for the family, as they didn’t have the time to tend to the garden. Besides, it wasn’t serving their needs. Instead, they dreamt of a modern, spacious driveway to come home to each day… so they got in touch with us!

Having previously planned the landscaping for their back garden, our clients were already quite experienced with the landscaping process. But on this particular project, they asked for our guidance on choosing between resin or gravel, and we were happy to advise on the pros and cons. 

Before driveway Redhill
The garden before the driveway

The Brief:

Toni knew exactly what she wanted, and even had a Pinterest board with lots of ideas. So we had plenty of inspiration to work with! Toni wanted modern surfacing that complemented the house, white and green planting, and lots of space.

Our brief was to design and install a carriage driveway, where each person could enter, park and exit without troubling others to move their cars too. 


The Challenge:

The main challenge with this project was to ensure that the new driveway complemented the house and was in keeping with its period charm. Toni and Ian didn’t want a modern look, which is what they have in their back garden. Instead, we needed to provide a practical solution for the family’s cars, whilst keeping a soft, welcoming feel to the front of the house.

Stump grinding Redhill
Stump grinding during the clearance phase

The Solution:

The project included:

  • laying the grid and covering it with gravel, which matched perfectly to the colour that Toni had requested;
  • installing sandstone setts for the rumble strips and around flower beds;
  • planting including Magnolia Stellata in the central flower bed to give some height, Chinese snowball tree and Cornus Kousa, in keeping with Toni’s white and green colour scheme;
  • installing railings that Toni and Ian already had, as a temporary structure until the Osmanthus hedging matures a little more.

We were pleased to start the planting as part of our work, but Toni and Ian can continue with further planting over the coming years. We left them with a planting plan to guide them in the future, which included some maintenance tips.

The grids being installed
The driveway grids being installed
gravel for driveway
Gravel arriving for the driveway

The result:

As we were working on the project, many people walking past complimented the dramatic changes to the property. The fresh, clear aspect of the house, and the grids that we used with the gravel started many a conversation. We are sure that this will only continue to be a talking point as the planting matures and softens to further enhance curb appeal.

Neighbours in the street have undergone similar projects, clearing old shrubbery and building carriage driveways, but most have used block paving. Toni and Ian’s driveway instead looks softer and more in keeping with the property. 

We were also delighted to receive glowing reports of our amazing team!

What can I say … “Spectacular, Spectacular, Spectacular!” and any other superlatives you want to mention. 
Wow! The first impression as I drove down the road to the house last night and saw passers-by standing admiring it.😁
It’s everything that I imagined it to be for all those years!

If you need some help to design an outdoor space that complements your home, give us a call to discuss your ideas, and let us help you bring them to life!

driveway Redhill Surrey
Driveway Redhill
Reigate gravel driveway